Marina Bay City Embrace The World

Located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, lies this Southeast Asian city-state, Singapore. This island country consists of a group of sixty-three islands and is one of the most highly urbanized cities. It is one of the most popularly traveled destinations, drawing hundreds of visitors each year.

Marina Bay is the ultimate tourist destination for international travelers creating Singapore’s signature city skyline. Situated to the south of Singapore, Marina Bay stretches along the east of the Downtown Core. Marina Bay offers an endless array of new attractions and opportunities for visitors to explore and adventure into the focal point for business activities and technological advancements.

Marina Bay is a major urban development project, and the master plan has suggested a mix of uses for the complex, including hotel and entertainment attractions, commercial and residential (such as nearby) ensuring that the locality remains as vibrant as it is now. The project revolves around three sectors, Explore, Exchange and Entertain. Exploring new living options in the development of high-end residencies to provide a work-live environment in the hub of the city. Exchange – Hub for global business is a Marina Bay project that when completed is assumed to be twice the size of the financial district that now exists providing extensive premises for offices and corporate constructions.

Entertain – Kaleidoscope of activities is targeted to promote the assortment of entertainment options in the city.
Among the other attractions at Marina Bay is the Marina Bay City Gallery, an interactive and exciting way of learning the story behind the Garden City by Bay in Singapore. With an exotic front view of the city skylines and the waterfront that stretches out the city, Gallery holds an innovative city model. Watch your favorite skyscrapers light up at your touch and be amazed at the technical feats and impressive facts that are laid out.

Marina Bay Sands’ hotel is comprised of three 55 story towers. This ultra-luxurious hotel offers several types of rooms and a variety of suites to befit every taste and preference. Crested by SkyPark, this hotel offers excellent room amenities like stylish modern decor, high-speed internet access, mini-bar and in-room safe, just to name a few. Those planning luxury holidays in Singapore can choose to savor the cosmos of pure opulence and elitism at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Visit this exuberant attraction in Singapore and plan your stay at some of the luxury hotels that are scattered across the city-center. Of the many resorts, Singapore offers Marina Bay Sands is the most popular, which offers stunning rooms treating its visitors to the vibrant energy of the buzzing city and the tranquility of the calm sea.

To enjoy everything at one place, you can plan to stay at the Marina Bay Sands, which is one of the best international vacation resorts in the world. The holiday hotel and resort is an exclusively designed accommodation, which comprises of much more than only rooms and suites to stay. With four different types of rooms and five types of suites, you surely have many options to choose from. The rooms and suites include deluxe room, premier room, club room, grand club room, orchid suite, and suite, marina suite, presidential suite, and chairman suite. You can decide upon a particular accommodation as per your budget and necessities.